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Truss Roof Conversions

With the housing market the way it is, upscaling to a larger property when circumstances demand it – circumstances like a new baby in the family for instance, or relatives coming to stay for an extended period of time for one reason or another – becomes more and more difficult.

A popular alternative to moving to a larger property is to increase the living space within your existing house by getting a loft conversion. This makes perfect sense if you have an open roof construction in your top floor, but what if your attic room comprises a truss roof construction?

Here at XL Lofts we can help.

What are truss roofs?

Truss roofs are where the roof of a property is crisscrossed with timber beams usually in a W shape (or truss rafters) creating a network of sturdy and rigid triangles, to support the entire weight of the roof. They are a common sight in many contemporary buildings, being far cheaper to erect than an open-plan roof over a similar area.

How do truss roof conversions work?

While individual details will change from job to job, the fundamentals of truss roof conversions remain the same. We start by installing steel beams ,then removing the existing roof in sections at a time and installing a stronger set of beams between the loft and the floor below to take the weight of the new living space above. These are fastened into place, and a new floor laid. Then new enhance rafters are erected as roof supports, lending their strength to existing load-bearing rafters.

Once this is done, the middle-rafters (that is, the ones taking up all the space in the attic) can be swiftly and safely removed, leaving you with far more space than you could possibly have imagined.

Here at XL Lofts we have been providing customers across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire  and the Midlands with the very best in truss roof conversions for years, delivering a first-rate service to hundreds of satisfied customers ranging from Allestree, Belper, Oakwood, Ripley, Ambergate, Duffield, Quorndon, Swanwick to as far a field as Coventry,Birmingham,Bedford and beyond. If you’re in need of extra space in your home give us a call today on 0797 44 63 142 or 01332 881 859 for your free, no obligation quote.